Puppy Classes: For puppies under 1 year of age. Covers basic obedience training such as sit, down, and stay. Touches on impulse control and sets the dog up for success at home and for future advanced training.

Beginner Classes: For dogs older than 1 year that need to develop basic obedience skills. Sit, down, stay and impulse control exercises will be covered.

Intermediate Classes: For any dog that has completed basic obedience training or has an understanding of those skills. Basic skills will be touched on briefly to prepare them for more advanced commands. Long stays in sit and down, heeling on leash, and perfecting commands around distractions.

Advanced Classes: For dogs who have completed intermediate classes or upon evaluation have a solid knowledge of intermediate skills. Long stays that include leaving the room, walking other dogs and people by the dog, and remaining in a down position outside. Recall from a distance, heeling off leash, and maybe some fun tricks in there too!

One-one-One Training: Will be available upon request by appointment only. Dogs who are highly distracted, have socialization issues, or simply learn better in a one on one atmosphere. We will train you and your dog! Trainer will assess if the dog can be trained within the home or will need to be brought into the facility. Every dog's needs are different and we strive to offer them and their parents, the best training experience possible.

Please note classes are limited to 5 dogs per session

Classses with less than 2 may be rescheduled

For additional information or reservations please email

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Class size of 5 dogs for a more personalized experience
One on One Classes available for $55

all breeds welcome