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Kindergarten $145: 4 week program- 1hr ea (Classes are limited to 5 dogs)

For puppies 8 weeks to 5 months of age. Covers basic obedience training such as


Look | Sit | Down | Stay | Leave it | Come | Sit Stay | Name | Potty Training | Better Pet Health | Leash Fundamentals





Juniors $145: 4 week program-1 hr each (Classes are limited to 5 dogs)


 For dogs 5 months - 1 yr+ Covers:


Look w/distractions| Stay w\distractions | Leash Walking | Leash Leave It | Come when called | Settle Down | Clicker Fundamentals | Go to Place | Overcoming Distractions

High School $149: 5 week program 1hr each (Classes are limited to 5 dogs)

Adult dogs that have graduated from a previous program.

Advanced Dog Theories | Advanced Leash Work | Advanced Leave It | Advanced Come | Advanced Settle Down | Advanced Place | Advanced Sit Stay

Private Classes

$290 : 4 sessions 1hr each           $180 : 2 sessions 1 hr each 

(Classes are limited to 5 dogs)

For dogs of any age 

Meet Our Dog Training Manager
adam smith

With a warm heart and over 17 years of hands-on experience, Adam has joyfully trained more than 30,000 dogs, from playful puppies to those with advanced AKC certifications. Not only has he been recognized as Petco's Dog Trainer of the Year in both 2013 and 2014, but he also won the Best Customer Service Award in 2012. Adam's outstanding reputation in the Orlando area speaks volumes about his passion and skill in dog training. Welcome to a world where your canine friend is in expert hands!

all breeds welcome

Please note classes are limited to 5 dogs per session

Classses with less than 2 may be rescheduled

Private 1 on 1 Classes are available 

For additional information or reservations please email

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