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The Groomer's Choice: Hydra's Ultra Detangling and Dematting Shampoo at Just 4 Dogs

When it comes to professional dog grooming in Orlando, FL, the choice of products is as vital as the skilled hands that apply them. At Just 4 Dogs Pet Salons, we've been providing top-notch grooming services since 2011, thanks to our passionate team and the exclusive use of high-quality products like Hydra's Ultra Detangling and Dematting/Finishing Spray.

Introducing our seasoned Groomer & Waterford Lakes Store Manager- Ginny Leavy's favorite go-to product, one that's beloved by all doodles and their owners alike.

The Magic of Hydra's Ultra Detangling and Dematting & Finishing Spray:

Whether you're a poodle or a yorkie owner, you're bound to be amazed by the transformation Hydra's spray brings to your pet's coat.

Ginny, a dedicated groomer at our salons, swears by it for various reasons:

  1. Time-Saving: This spray reduces brushing and detangling time, letting our team focus on crafting the perfect style.

  2. Shine and Softness: The unique formula adds an instant shine to the coats, leaving them soft and silky.

  3. Versatile: It's light enough for yorkies but robust enough for poodles and doodles. A true all-rounder!

Hydra Professional Line: Quality Meets Performance

Produced in Latin America's largest and most technological factory, Hydra Professional Line is committed to bringing quality and high-performance products exclusively for groomers and handlers. Designed in R&D labs with the finest salon-quality ingredients, these products symbolize luxury care for your furry friends.

Why Choose Just 4 Dogs Pet Salons?

With locations throughout Orlando, FL, Just 4 Dogs Pet Salons is more than a salon; it's a place

where pets are pampered and owners are at ease, knowing their furry companions are in good hands. Our experienced groomers like Ginny Levy and their love for pets shine through every grooming session, and products like Hydra's Ultra Detangling and Dematting & Finishing Spray ensure that we deliver the best.

If your pet's grooming is due or you're searching for a grooming solution that stands out in Orlando, FL, look no further than Just 4 Dogs Pet Salons. Ginny and our team of skilled groomers are ready to provide the best care using top-notch products like Hydra's spray.

Book online at or visit one of our locations to experience the difference. Let your pet shine, feel soft, and stay happy. They deserve nothing but the best!

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